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Golf On St Patricks Day?

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History about St pats and How golf is involved.

Although not much is known about early life of St. Patrick. However, St. Patrick was believed to born in wealthy family of roman Britain. He was kidnapped at very tender age of sixteen and worked as slave in Ireland. During his slavery, he found GOD and returned to his home and became priest .Eventually, he returned Ireland to introduced people to Christianity. He died on 17 March. Festivities’ surrounding St. Patrick day symbolize arrival of Christianity in Ireland.

So whats your thoughts on: Golf on st patricks?

The team at mgi golf have contact us to inform everyone that they will run an annual st pats day golf parade. With a huge company like mgi golf celebrating st patricks who knows what could be next for STPD.

It is popular belief that St. Patrick banished the snakes from Ireland. It is said that during the fasting of St. Patrick, snakes attacked on St. Patrick. He chased all snakes out of Ireland. It is true that snakes are not found in Ireland from post glacier period. Wearing green is customary on St. Patrick day. St. Patrick was said to use Shamrock plant to explain holy trinity to Irish people. It is believed that wearing green make invisible to leprechaun. Fairy creature would pinch people who are not wearing green. People pinch those people who are not wearing green to remind the pinches of leprechaun.

Facts are stranger than truth; Nevertheless, St. Patrick day was celebrated by America to connect Irish soldiers with their roots. New York was first city to held parade on 17 march 1762.

A religious feast day becomes synonyms of international festival. It is symbol of celebration of Irish culture. Parade, dance, food, fun, happiness with loads of greens are ways to celebrate this traditional day.

In United States of America, Number of Irish immigrants are greater than Ireland itself. Thus, St. Patrick day became icon of cultural celebration across the word for Irish people and Non Irish people join the party.

Parades are sensational element of festival. Parade is hosted in every major city of western world. Dublin ranks number one in hosting grand parade. Boston and New York’s are also known for their amazing and grand parades. Marching bands, dancing programs enhance the beauty of these parades and make St. Patrick day memorable until next year.

How can we forget that Irish green color of Chicago River on this auspicious day. Chicago River is dyed from dull green to bright Irish green color. Thousands people gather around river to dive into green spirit of Ireland.

It would be injustice to St. Patrick day without mention of beer and whisky. Pubs and bars serve adequate quantity of Irish beer and whisky. Green Irish beer is like cherry on cake. Every Irish soul quenches thirst by patriotic green Irish beer.

Similarly, celebration is incomplete without hearty meals. Beef stew, Shepherds’ pie, and Soda bread enhance the flavor of festival. It is noteworthy to indulge sinfully in Irish spirit on feast day.

Today, St. Patrick day is celebrated to show the strength of Irish culture and love of Irish people for their country.

So get up friend, wear your green, and get ready to indulge in Irish Love.

Happy St. Patrick Day.

We also want to note the both Australia and United states Mgi Golf are celebrating by playing golf on St Ps day.

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