St Patricks Day


St Patricks day parade

Once again the strength of our community in Sydney and NSW was shown by all as the green white and gold was lining the streets of the Parade.

Our celebration of the Parade this year, being 30 years old in its current form was a credit to all committee’s who have gone before us. Without them we would not have any celebration to go to each year.

Of course this year without the work and commitment of our committee who made it all happen leading up to the day ensured it was a day to remember for all that attended.Unfortunetly we have lost some of those that have worked on the committee for the last few yearsfrom Una in our PR and Marketing to Alana who has looked after the park and the President in her role as Vise President – Maria De Souza in the citizenship marquee and Helen Burnside in accounts.

Thank you once again for your help and commitment while in those roles.

We would welcome those of you who out there who have always wanted to be part of the team that make the day happen, by all means give me a call and we can find a role for you.

This year it is the 200th anniversary of the Parade being recognised as an Irish day of celebration by the government of NSW.

It was back in 1810 when Governor Macquarie recognised the celebration by providing entertainment on the day for convicts that were employed by the government at the time, little did he know he was making history.

It has truly been a huge year for me personally so much has happened; my wife and I had our first child. Seamus Kian and he is now powering about wanting to take on the world, it was not a light decision to come back and do another year as President as this time is so precious.

I know though that the work which is and has been done to date towards the Parade is going to anchor it as a day of celebration for many years to come; not just for the Irish community but the Australian community as a whole who come out to celebrate the day with us in March.

We are also getting a special appearance from Male Strippers to sydney Nsw Parade.

I hope that you will enjoy the 2010 Sydney St Patrick’s Day Parade and Family Day, and I thank each and every one of you for supporting this event and keeping the tradition of celebrating the day of our Patron Saint alive here in Sydney.