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Your Cracked Windshield on St Patricks Day?

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We have been offered a special windscreen replacement offer, if you come in to get your windscreen fixed on St patricks day.

Many people pay very little or no attention to a cracked windshield and this is mainly because they feel like since they can see with it, there is no need to try to replace it, neither is there any need to worry about it except for the police. This is very wrong. Aside from police, there are tons of reasons why you should not drive your car with a broken windshield. A broken windshield is far more dangerous than you think and probably if you don’t think it is, then it is far from more dangerous than you can ever imagine.

Degree of crack

The cracks come with different degrees. It could be a small one or a large one or not that might distort your view. Many times you might not know the angle from which a view is obstructed or the angle from which a view is distorted. You should not think about the level Crack and that should never be a reason why you haven’t changed your Cracked Windshield because it is going to take only a split second and it is all gone bad.

Cracked Windshield leads to distraction for the driver just as a texting and driving or being drunk and driving, this might even be worse because you might not see because one line which could be so big when close to you stopped you from seeing what’s in front of you.

The danger of a cracked windshield


This is one major danger that cud be faced with windshields. Thank goodness the companies which create these windshields are beginning to put some form of polythene behind the windshield so if ever it explodes, there is something underneath to hold it. Windshields are usually cracked this way because of heat. When there is a sudden or abrupt change of temperature of a glass, probably when it is snowing and one tries to use hot water in a bid to melt the snow and clean the glass This leads to cracks. Also when the car is very hot inside, this happens when the car is kept under the sun for a long period, It leads to shattering of the glass.

Endangering of other motorist

With a windshield which is cracked, there is a high tendency you Will have obstructed vision and you won’t be able to see other motorist coming very well or you might just be obstructed from that perfect angle by the Crack or the vision might just be distorted leading to you thinking which is already very near is very far.

Endangering of pedestrians

Pedestrians also have their share. Of risk, if you decide to drive a car with a cracked or broken windshield. You could also be deceived by your windshield about the distance of your car and people using the road. This could lead to accidents and you cutting short the life of someone.

Driving a car with a broken windshield can cause a series of issues and is the more reason why it must be avoided and fixed at all cost.

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